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Grace Financial Service Associates

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What Benefit is There in Allowing an Agent to Assist You?

Knowledge is power. Allowing a Grace Financial Services Representative to help you with all your Life, Health, and Dental Insurance needs means
better value for your dollar! You will also gain a more powerful understanding of what your Life, Health, and Dental insurance can do for you.

For example, here are just some of the frequently asked questions that we help our customers answer every day.

What is a Deductible?

What is a Network Discount?

What is Coinsurance?

What is an Out-of-Pocket Maximum?

What is a Copay?

How Do I Lower My Premium?

We are happy to pass along our insurance knowledge, to educate you, and we are happy to help you apply for great coverage that fits your budget. Please understand that all insurance premiums are set by the providing insurance company, and that there are absolutely NO MARKUP FOR OUR INSURANCE SERVICES. Your Grace Financial Service Associate's quote is exactly identical to an insurance quote requested in the main lobby of the insurance company. 

There is, however, one major difference between our insurance quotes and insurance quotes that come directly from the insurance company. You can be sure that when you get a insurance quote from a Grace Financial Service Associate, our company based recommendations are unbiased. Our Life, Health, and Dental quotes come with sound insurance advice, great insurance experience, and your best interests in mind. We are proud to have helped hundreds of people with their Life, Health, and Dental insurance applications. Each insurance applicant requires different options, depending their insurance needs, and we are happy to offer more than just one insurance product.

We are here to help provide valuable insurance service because we want you to understand your insurance coverage from the ground up. Since there is absolutely no mark up for our services, we are more than comfortable to provide you with a second option of obtaining your Life, Health, and Dental Insurance quote and applying for your Insurance directly on-line.

Everyone needs good Life Insurance protection, concrete Health Insurance coverage, and income while they are disabled. Grace Financial Service Associates is committed to helping everyone find it!


Michael G. Grace
Grace Financial Service Associates

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